Netball action from Beau Sejour...

09th March 2014

Last Sunday I spent the afternoon at Beau Sejour photographing Netball and a superb 39-24 win by the Guernsey Panthers over Bize Jets.

Guernsey Panthers win followed Saturday evenings match which had seen Brize Jets take a win by 32-24.

The Panthers played a strong game for the second match and deserved to gain the upper hand.

Photographing the Netball appears in my diary only a few times each season but I have to say that it is great fun to capture. There are real challenges to overcome as the low light levels always seem to make it harder. The matches are usually outside under flood lights or inside the main Sports Hall at Beau Sejour.

Netball is a very fast game with the rules requiring quick passing of the ball. This leaves very little time to grab a shot and perhaps even harder to follow the action through a long lens. I find that it takes several minutes just to 'dial into' the speed of movements. I'll look forward to a return visit to the court-side and the chance to improve my sports photography skills further...

I have now added a small gallery of pics from the game: