New pics of the GMC&CC Hill Climb, as I slowly catch-up...

11th September 2013

Today has been another busy one. I'm not complaining, you understand. In fact I would be quite bored if there wasn't always something to do!

It seems that my nature is 'programmed' to always load myself with work... I hate doing little or nothing. That's probably why I very rarely take a holiday. In fact when I do, it is usually to go somewhere to take pics ;-)

The problem this sometimes causes is that I am forever catching up with work. So it is a pleasure today to tick the box against another new Gallery update.

This time it is for one of the recent Hill Climbs. This was the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club Hill on 26th August (you see what I mean about having to catch up)!

But the Gallery is now on-line if you want to check it out....

I have also made a few improvements to the visuals on this web site. I hope you like them.