New search facility added to the Web Site...

15th January 2011

With the ever increasing size of the Picture Galleries (they already hold over 13,000 images) I have added another new feature that you might find useful.

You can now search the whole Web Site using the SEARCH PAGE. Use this to narrow down the selection of pictures to those that are of interest to you. The search uses the picture title and any information that I have added. It will quickly select the pictures that match your request... However this facility is not perfect or guaranteed to find every relevant picture, sorry!

You can always use a 'manual' search. This should also enable you to find pictures that interest you very quickly. If you spend a few moments clicking through the various Galleries you should soon understand the layout and logic behind the Gallery structure.

To use the NEW SEARCH PAGE try searching by type of event (e.g. Autocross) by a place (e.g. Alderney) or Band (e.g. Teaspoonriverneck).

If you have difficulty finding the picture or information you are look for please contact me here: