New Stitched Panoramas have been added to the TALLPICTURES Galleries...

03rd January 2011

I specialise in high resolution, wide angle stitched panoramic pictures.
This is a form of production that uses a number of separate photographs which are then seamlessly joined to produce a picture that can be printed 60" wide or more. The detail that can be seen is amazing!
When a panorama is made from pictures taken at 26 metres high you end up with a view that has never been seen before.
I have added some new panoramas to the Galleries. Unfortunately it is impossible to see how much impact these panoramas have when looking at web sized pics, however I hope you get a 'feel' for the views.
I have large scale sample prints that can be viewed by contacting me on 07781 144525 or by e-mail E-mail Andrew Le Poidevin where I will arrange to meet you and quote prices for any size to suit.
Many of my Panoramic Montages have been reproduced in the book written by Rob Batiste titled 'Guernseys Coast'.
The Galleries can be seen here TALLPICTURES PANORAMAS