A weekend full of action, sport... and adrenaline!

06th August 2017

I've just enjoyed a weekend that was full of action, sports, charity events, live music, the occasional celebrity, fun and a moment of adrenaline rush!

My galleries will be updated with all this drama over the next few days but first online is a Gallery featuring Saturday's Guernsey Kart & Motor Club Hillclimb at Le Val des Terres.

It was here that my adrenaline rush took place. I felt this whilst taking pics at the first corner of the 'Terres... just before the entry into 'the tunnel'.

I was minding my own business just trying to capture the dynamics of the bikes, cars and karts as they found the racing line through this fast corner.

My peace and karma was shattered as I heard the distinctive rumble of Shaun Leigh approaching me on his way to the top. My position behind a granite wall meant that the V8 engined FMD Colour Monster Locust only came into view after Shaun had entered the bend.

It was then that I realized that things were not quite going to plan as my usual view of the racing cars - that is controlled and hitting the apex wasn't happening this time!

Shaun was drifting the big V8 sideways through the corner... and at considerable speed! More to the point he was sliding in my direction!

But, as I should have known, Shaun wrestled with the steering, stamped on the throttle and brake pedals and, somehow, managed to miss me and the granite standing in his way. He pulled off one of the biggest 'saves' that I can remember and then powered his way onwards to the finish line.

The whole event only lasted a second or two but I can remember it in slow motion... and I have the pics to remind me.

After that experience the rest of the day was quite subdued but I still managed to capture some good pics. They are now online: