Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club Trials... Gallery updates...

03rd October 2011

It wasn't only the Motocross boys (and gals) who were enjoying the sunshine over the weekend.
The south coast cliffs of Guernsey also hosted a round of the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club Trials bike Championship. It was scorching hot on the cliffs at Corbiere, particulaly in the sheltered valleys but the good sized entry was having too much fun to notice!
I am always amazed how well the riders traverse the steep and slippery cliff side. I was finding it challenging to move between different sections but the competitors made easy progress. Maybe a Trials bike is the one bit of 'kit' that I am missing?
It was most enjoyable spending a few hours taking pictures in the late summer sun... and I have the nerve to call it work :o)
A new picture Gallery is now on-line: