Mine's OK, don't fancy yours much!

05th October 2012

I have been tidying up some photoshoots and came across a folder that I hadn't completed. This takes us back to the Greenman Chaos Bike & Music Festival.... way, way back!

There was a Sunday of entertainment which followed on from Friday & Saturday. I have added a few more pics of some of the Bands that played on the Sunday including Ukuladeez, The Doomsday Project and No Paparazzi. There are also a few more pics from the Peace Tent.

The biggest fun of the last day of Chaos 2012 was when three new prospects to join the Guernsey Greenman had a chance to prove that they had a good sense of humour and that they would fit in with the rest of the Greenmen.
Not taking yourself too seriously is obviously a very important quality to fit in :-0

The three guys seemed to enjoy the slapstick every bit as much as the crowd of on-lookers.....maybe a bit too much, eh?!!?!?

New pictures can be viewed here: