Another one bites the dust (sand)....

07th May 2014

The last week has been quite a blur. I have chased around to give coverage to so many events.

It has been very enjoyable. However I guess that most people (including 'casual' photographers) have little concept of how long the full processes take from the actual 'capture' of an image to the end result of having it published in Magazines, Newspapers and this Web-site. When all aspects are taken into account it is easy to see where the time goes.

You start by planning ahead. I have contacts with business clients and picture editors. Their requirements are noted and the day is planned. Simples, eh!

Then it is a case of keeping to the timetable hoping that everything runs on time. Having completed the days shoot the edits can start. Priority has to go to the print deadline work. This means a dash back to the office and a quick edit through maybe hundreds of shots to select the required pics. These have to fit the brief. Maybe specific action or subjects, upright or landscape format, close crop or wide view. All pics then have to be tagged with relevant details.

Often the first edit allows you only twenty minutes or so. You learn to work fast. All the time avoiding getting too many sandwich crumbs in the keyboard as you as you multi-task. Not bad for a man, eh!

Once the immediate edits are complete and e-mailed to the picture desks/client I turn the attention to the web-site updates. Once again speed is of the essence and the efforts taken to capture the best image 'in camera' will pay off as this greatly reduces the edit and processing time.

Next there is more captioning of pics. Then the uploading. Followed by the vital backing up and detailed cataloguing of all the days work. Why bother taking a picture if you can't find it in a few clicks when required?

In the analysis of this work-flow it is clear that the actual capturing of an image probably only takes twenty-five percent of the total time.

All the above processes have been in action during last week's work and I'm relieved to say that another job 'bites the dust' (sand).....

The latest update is for the GMC&CC Sand Race Championship. Pictures are now on-line: