Busy, busy, busy......

24th August 2015

I currently have a very full diary... mostly involving my Commercial Photography, so things seem to be going very well.

I also have a few new Commercial ideas in development. More information will follow :-)

What all that means is I'm struggling to keep the regular Galleries up-to-date.

Or when the Galleries are updated I've been slow to add a message and link in this Blog for the new pics.

Luckily I have a missus who keeps me away from too many distractions!

However she has failed this week as I've been putting together the spec for a new 'every bell & whistle' PC. This will be so powerful that NASA have already been in touch to see if I can take on some of their processing load!!

My choice of supplier/Custom builder will once again be Mesh Computers. I will keep you informed of progress in future Blogs.

But back to the Gallery updates.

I actually added the latest pics of the final Powerboat races of the season to the Gallery a couple of days ago... this is the delayed link: