GVC MTB WINTER XC SERIES 2015 - ROUND-1... Gallery update

09th November 2015

Sunday morning was mild and dry... what a great incentive to take a walk in a valley near the reservoir.

What about taking a camera along too? Don't mind if I do!

So off I went to take a few pics of the Guernsey Velo Club's Winter MTB XC Series, Round-1.

I have noted before that there is always a great atmosphere at GVC events. I think it must be because the competitors vary over a large range of ages and levels of fitness. There is also a lot of support offered by racers families.

The sportsmanship is also impressive with 'rival' competitors encouraging each other to achieve their best time... but not giving up on their own intention to take the win! Every sportsman wants to be victorious!

I ended up taking quite a few pics - even though I missed Race-1.

I did have a good excuse for being late as I had a very late night on Saturday night/Sunday morning after photographing Blackalicious at the Fermain Tavern. They were fantastic (and I'm not usually a great fan of their genre of music).

Those pics will follow.

For now, here are the MTB XC pics: