Now that's more like it.....

30th May 2016

Well, after yesterdays complaining about the fog, things got a little better for today's second Powerboat race.

This time the sun showed up and suddenly there was far more life in the whole event.

There was still a smaller entry than we had been promised but that is sure to be sorted as I know that several extra boats are having the final touches and tweaks done ready for next months race weekend.

Powerboating certainly seems to interest people enough for them to line the harbour walls to enjoy the spectacle.

It must also be the best incentive to photographers to invest in a long lens or two... the telephotos were out in force. It makes an alternative from taking pics of birds, eh :-)

I've added a gallery featuring pics of Race-2. I think you'll agree that a bit of sun helps the colours 'zing' :-)

Follow this link to view the galleris: