Nigel Ozanne is recovering well after a big accident...

15th August 2011

All the talk for the last few days on the Guernsey Motor Sport scene has been about Nigel Ozanne's big accident on the sands at Vazon Bay.
Nigel was racing his very competitive 'Grass Tracker' when it appears a contact was made with another car. Nigel ended up dramatically rolling perhaps as many as five times!
Thankfully, after a lengthy rescue from the car and a stay in hospital it appears that no major injuries occured.
As always after an incident such as this - and when it is known that the driver is OK - the question is: 'Did you get a picture of the crash?'
The answer in this case is a disappointed 'NO'. I had just left the beach to change to a different lens set-up. Shame on me as the race before I was in exactly the right spot... sorry Nige!
I did get a couple of good 'sideways' shots of Nigel in the first race during which he nearly ran me over! He apologised afterwards saying that he saw me taking pics and wanted a good one - but it got hung out a bit too far, he, he!
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