No other words will do... it was HORRIBLE!

14th April 2013

No offence meant to the riders and drivers who took part in Round-1 of the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club 2013 Sand Racing Championship, but that was a dreadful start to the season!

When you visit the beach you somehow expect that the water will be in the sea, not falling from above - driven by strong winds :-(

If you combine the awful weather with a pair of boots that have decided to leak and a waterproof jacket that no longer conforms to the Trade Description Act I admit that the overall result is something that I don't wish to repeat for a long time.

It is a fact that some forms of motorsport photography are rewarded by sticking around when it is wet.
For example it is possible to capture great pics at the Hill Climbs and Kart track when the heavens open. The 'roosters' can add something to a picture.

However on an exposed beach with the camera wrapped up in its steamed-up protective gear which greatly reduces your ability to even see any of the settings and then being restricted to the direction you can point the camera because of the driving rain, well, there is only one answer.

So I grabbed a few pics then did the obvious, I went home :-)

I'll be back when the sun shines :-)

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