No time to talk... my mind is full of Chaos

02nd July 2014

I'd love to spend a little time telling you about how great the Greenman Chaos 10 Bike and Music Festival was this year. But I haven't the time.

There were soooo many great highlights.

The Greenman ticked one of the only remaining boxes when I noted that Wonky Donkey Real Ale had been added to the bar menu... I guarantee it'll be back as my consumption alone must have made it a success!

I'd love to tell you about the quality and variety of the music on the two stages. I'd also like to have the time to praise the lighting team for a fantastic job. Those new 'spots' are amazing.

When I have a chance I will 'wax lyrical' about the sound system... it was loud!

Then, when I am not so busy, I will praise the variety of food on offer... Fish & Chips in a field - that'll do nicely :-)

Then I will have to find the words to describe the warm and friendly atmosphere that always pervades every Greenman Chaos Festival. Who would believe a bunch of 'piss-heads' (including me) could be so well behaved!

So you can expect me (when I have the time after processing the weekends pics) to tell you all about the FANTASTIC, BEST EVER Chaos tenth anniversary.

......oh, I seem to have already done all that!!

However I reckon I'll still find a few more good things to say in my next Blog :-)

First Galleries are now on-line featuring pics of the Chaos atmosphere.

Band pics will follow... as soon as I stop talking!!