Non-stop action on the 'Terres....

26th May 2014

It was literally non-stop action on Le Val des Terres for the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club Bank Holiday Hill Climb.

Well, perhaps that statement should be qualified. There were a few stoppages but they were all down to competitors 'off's'... and there were a few :-(

But as far as the running of the race meeting goes it was go, go, go all the way. This year has seen the introduction of there being no lunchtime break. A sad loss as far as this photographer is concerned. However there are pay-off's. We do get a lot of racing - and even an early finish :-)

The 'negative' (I'll explain later) is that it seems to be possible to squeeze up to six timed runs (plus a practice) into the new time slot!

So the racers certainly had their money's worth. Whether this amount of timed runs will become the normal is probably unlikely judging from the amount of spaces in the pits left empty by drivers and riders who seemed to be put off by the damp start to the day. We will see as the season progresses.

The result of all this racing is that I ended up taking more pics than ever before. I don't think I have lost the discipline to take as few shot as possible - but I must learn to keep control of the trigger finger as more pics means more work but NOT necessarily better quality (note to self).

I do however have a little way to go to match one of our local amateur photographers who told me he often takes Fourteen Hundred pics at a Hill Climb... ouch!!

As with most photography (especially when shooting silly numbers of pics) the trick is to make every shot count and get the exposure, cropping and timing all right in camera. This saves a lot of time later in the edit.

I turned around the edit of my (500) selection in just a couple of hours and they are now on-line.

Take a look to see what you think of my pics: