Not a day to watch the racing from the 'stadium terracing'....

12th February 2017

The chilling wind at today's Autocross meeting kept most of the spectators hidden in their cars - who can blame them!

The lucky people (or well organized) who turned up early enough were able to claim the 'ring-side seats' in the car-park overlooking the action and they could watch the racing in comfort with their car heaters on!

It was the Marshals and photographers who had to make sure that they put on an extra layer or two of clothing to keep out the icy blast.

But it was worth making sure I was dressed in the thermals as there was plenty of action to photograph....

My pics are now online in a new gallery. You'll notice the shortage of spectators lining the top of the beach!

We must keep our fingers crossed for a warm and sunny day next meeting as the best way to experience the noise and drama of Banger Racing is to be outdoors and Chouet beach offers a natural 'stadium terracing' giving the perfect view-point.