October 30th and all is good :-)

29th October 2016

In the 'old days' when November was just around the corner we weren't surprised if conditions started to get dull and overcast.

We could expect to have to add an extra layer of clothing to keep the chill of the sea breeze at bay. There would be little encouragement to go down to the beach... except for dog walking.

However nowadays the calendar date is no way to predict what the climate will have on offer. This is perhaps the influence of global warming on the weather? Who knows for sure?

So maybe it was that climatic effect that played a part in giving the latest round of the 'Winter' Autocross championship a very unseasonable feel.

On Sunday it was a glorious warm and sunny morning down on Chouet beach. My guess is that if the noisy Banger racing hadn't taken over the sands for the morning a few swimmers would have taken advantage of the lovely day.

But they were restricted to the equally pleasant afternoon as Round-4 of the Winter Banger racing championship churned up the sands in the morning.

I was out in the sun taking a few pics of the action. Check them out here: