Oh no, not more rain.....

02nd May 2017

The official drought in Guernsey was ended over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Some of you might say good. Others will disagree.

However, thankfully, we are not yet able to control the weather - although I'm sure Donald Trump would enjoy wealding that amount of power!

In the end, for us mere mortals, we have to accept what we are given and just get on with things.

For me 'things' on a Bank Holiday usually means some sort of Motorsport event to photograph. So on Monday I found myself standing in the drought breaking rain on Le Val des Terres hill capturing some spectacular Hillclimb action through foggy lenses and rain splattered spectacles trying to tell myself this was fun!

Thankfully the misery of rain running down my back is soon forgotten whilst completing the edit of my pics. Once again it was worth the discomfort as the wet track produced some dramaatic shots.

I've now uploaded a gallery featuring some of my pics. Enjoy taking a look from the comfort of your screen.