Oh, those aching bones....

17th April 2012

Man , did I feel old at Rock of Ages-16!
With just three more birthday cakes to go before my 60th I guess that makes me at least two generations away from the guys in The Doomsday Project!
I have loved and supported live music since I was their age but never found the talent to play.
Oh yes, I've tried. I seem to remember owning a guitar, a keyboard.... oh, and there is still a harmonica in a draw somewhere. In the end I decided that the best part I could play was to be ''the audience''.
This pursuit has given me lots of memories from many, many gigs and festivals.
I say 'thank you' to all the real talent who take to the stages.
And this is why I enjoyed watching, listening and photographing the ''so young'' The Doomsday Project.
With new young, keen talent always waiting in the wings... LIVE MUSIC is in good hands :-)
A new Gallery of pics is now on-line.
UPDATE: New pics of Breaking the Silence have now been added to the RoA-16 Gallery.