OK, I'm no Poet......

11th June 2012

Down came the rain,
Was it wet?
You bet.

OK I'm clearly no poet... but you get the idea ;-)
What have the Motor Sport guys done to deserve the reliably wet racing that 2012 seems to provide them with?
Sunday morning at The Track provided a very wet outlook with 'wets' being the only option for tyre choice.
The conditions challenged the competitors and a smooth driving style combined with the nerve to grab any opportunity to squeeze past a fellow competitor if they left the door open paid rewards.
Photographically, a rainy race meeting is both good and bad.
The 'bad' is having to get wet (again)... the good is that it is possible to capture some great shots.
I have photographed Karting at The Track for many years so it is nice to grab some different pics. I can make use of the low light, the spray being thrown up by the tyres adds drama and if I take care in my positioning it is also possible to capture some great reflections on the wet track.
I hope you like the new pics (I suffered for my art!). Please remember that the pictures on this web site are VERY low resolution and do not give a true feel of the detail a print will show.
As always you are welcome to press the 'BUY NOW' button beneath any pic you fancy... spare a thought for a soggy photographer, thanks ;-)
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