One week later and a world of difference....

24th November 2013

In my previous Blog I was commenting on the difficulties that photographers face when capturing stage-lit performances.

There is often a strange incongruity with the way an audience will see stage lighting to the way a photographer will see the same scene.

The contrast and colours combined with the timing of changes will add dynamics to an audience's experience. Last weeks lighting was great - from an audience's viewpoint.

However these very same factors can really challenge the work of a photographer.

As I previously Blogged, last week at the Fermain Tavern was one of those nights which favoured the audience... There were a lot of strong, single colour fills and rapid cycles. That's OK - after all it is the audience who pay to get in and they deserve to be entertained :-)

However 'The Get Down' at the 'Tav' on Saturday favoured the 'togs a bit more. My thanks go to Lloyd Hellyeah who was pushing the buttons, you make my job so much easier ;-)

Lloyd's style is to 'layer' the lighting more. He offers a wider range of colour contrasts which enhance the 3D depth of the scene. From a photographers point of view its FANTASTIC.

I make no secret of the fact that, offered the choice, I will always take the easy option particularly if I like the results better ;-)

If you fancy taking a look at my pics of The Get Down please click on the link and see if you can observe the difference I talk about...