ONE YEAR OLD and ONE MILLION PICTURE VIEWS... but I must try harder...

26th October 2011

By a strange coincidence this new Web Site has passed two 'milestones' within a few hours of each other.

It is now ONE YEAR since I started developing a new place to display - and sell ;-) my pictures and this web site has generated quite a bit of interest since then. The new venture has been very enjoyable but has taken a huge amount of time!

The reward for me has been watching the 'web stats' climbing.
The coincidence that I mentioned above was that just as the first year passed the site hit ONE MILLION picture viewings!

WOW, I'm amazed and thank all of you who make a regular 'trip' over here.

However, I don't consider the 'job done' yet as my old web site was recording a MUCH LARGER 'hit rate'... but that had been established for several years. But I have that old target to aim for.
So what is in store for the next twelve months? I guess the answer is more of the same as it must be clear to regular visitors where my interests are.

With the anniversary I thought I would take a look at the details regarding picture views in case there was a clue to help me direct my time (and talent?!).

So, where is the interest? Is it with my well timed Motor Sport action shots? Or is it the beautifully captured Gig photography making use of superb stage lighting?

No - the most viewed picture during the last twelve months is the one displayed above... why do I bother, eh?