Only the youth have this energy and enthusiasm....

06th March 2018

It's a known fact that only the youth have this energy and enthusiasm.

Last weekend I photographed the SOUND - The Young Ones Vol.2 gig at the Fermain Tavern. This gig was part of a series organized by a charity called SOUND Guernsey.

Specifically set up to support, promote, encourage and nurture young bands and live music in Guernsey SOUND have been working away building a new young live music scene. It is going from strength to strength with a fantastic 'ethos' playing a core part.

Young artists and bands are being 'schooled' in the correct 'behavior' when performing live. They are expected to show respect for their peers and to learn the discipline and 'professionalism' that is required to achieve success.

The gigs are often age-restricted to under 18's so allowing the junior gig-goers to grow, safely, into the live music environment.

The thing that struck me whilst I photographed the latest gig was how young people have endless energy and enthusiasm when they are out with mates doing what they most enjoy. It also reminded me what music does best... it brings people of all backgrounds together to share a good time... the smiles on the faces were proof!

SOUND The Young Ones Vol.2. had been billed as 'featuring the finest of Guernsey's young bands' and 'a night of moshing, circle pits, noise and fun' at The Fermain Tavern.

It did exactly what it said on the tin... or should that be drum kit!

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