Oooops, how did I miss The Hoosiers....?

24th May 2014

Every so often I seem to get distracted before I completely finish a job. You can ask my missus if you don't believe me!

Well I have just noticed that I had failed to complete the picture galleries for the recent (fairly) #triplestoked weekends at The Fermain Tavern.

Fear not, I might be slow, but I am reliable and my error has now been sorted :-)

The missing band was Weekend-3's headliners The Hoosiers.

Anyone who attended the #triplestoked weekends should agree with me that The Hoosiers were worthy of holding top spot on stage for the final night.

The band were a magnet to the crowd who really couldn't get any closer to the stage... making this photogs job very hard!

The plus for me was that Lloyd Hellyeah was working the lighting desk making the processing of the final pics so much easier for me.

I've also added a gallery featuring Jersey based Tadhg Daly.

I'm pleased with the results, see what you think of them: