Patience is a virtue...

20th November 2013

You have to be a patient sole if you are a photographer.

On so many occasions whilst pursuing the variety of photography that each of us enjoy we have to wait for the light to be 'just right'.

This is inevitable. After all, we can only record an image using the light that is present, whether this is natural or artificial.

In some situations the photographer can be in total control. This is quite a luxury but a great deal of knowledge and experience has to be amassed to make best use of this control of the light.

The other times a photographer has to go with what is given... whether it is offered by nature or man.

This is when patience is a very useful gift for a photog.

Sometimes the available light makes you feel that you will never achieve anything that is worth keeping. This was how I felt at The Fermain Tavern when I tried to capture pics of UK Band, Evarane.

It wasn't that Mark Guillou's light show was bad. Indeed for the watching audience it was fantastic! But for a photog it was about as hard as it gets. The modern use of 'pure' spectrum LED lighting, particularly when it 'floods' a stage in a single colour, can almost make me give up and go home! This form of single colour immersive lighting means it is VERY hard to create a 3D feel on a 2D printed page or screen.

This time I decided not to turn around and go home but to be patient. Over the course of Evarane's set I did capture a couple of worthwhile pics (I think)... but that was too much like hard work for one lazy photog ;-)