Perks of the job.... yum, yum

19th June 2014

Chef Simon McKenzie had a final practice run of his menu before travelling to London to compete in the semi-final of National Chef of the Year. I was invited into his kitchen as he performed his magic.

As the three courses were plated up I was very lucky to be offered them to taste and can assure you that they were all wonderful! I hope my pictures do justice to the dishes as there was very little time to capture the shots... no it wasn't because I tucked straight in!!

All the food shots were taken directly in the kitchen using a microwave as a base and a convenient window that happened to look out over an overgrown field. A touch of flash was added to make the food glisten.

I spoke with Simon during his preparations and learnt that he is a keen photographer. I side-stepped the argument about which camera is best, Nikon or Canon. Obviously it is NIKON!

Simon talked about how he was involved with the production of food photography earlier in his career. He related a couple of stories of how the Pro 'togs 'tweak' the food to make it look great... rendering it inedible at the same time.

That wasn't a problem in this case. Everything was freshly prepared and cooked right in front of me. No tweaking played a part in the photography. It would have been a crime not to be able to eat it... yum, yum