Petit Bot Hill Climb... a record breakers dream...

10th October 2011

Considering the relatively small amount of entries (less than 50) more records were falling than the autumn leaves at the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club Hill Climb at Petit Bot.
This is the last Hill Climb of the season and seems to attract the very best racers in each Class - excluding the open wheel single seater racing cars which the MSA have seen fit to ban on this very narrow hill. I know this is a big disapointment to some of those racers.
I think I counted a total of twelve new or lowered records for this hill. These included the outright Car record by Paul Le Messurier and the Bike record by Oliver Holmes. Two very impressive and committed runs.
The mood on the hill was dampened when Pete Le Page had a very big accident on the first and very fast straight. Witnesses were shocked by what they saw and recalled how high Pete and his bike launched after hitting a bank and then landing heavily on the road. Thankfully, and amazingly, Pete was discharged from hospital after undergoing scans with minors injuries - a relief to us all.
Of course he was chatting about it on Facebook later... back to normal then!
I have added a new Gallery of pictures: