Petit Bot Hillclimb 2016 not a vintage year...

01st October 2016

Petit Bot Hillclimb 2016 turned out to be an event that tested my patience and stamina! I will explain more below.

This end of season Hillclimb is a bit of an odd one in the calender.

Firstly no formula single-seater's are allowed to race. This automatically excludes some of the fastest racers.

Then you have the challenging and narrow track (maybe the reason the single-seater's are banned) which most years really is green.... a motorsport term for a track that hasn't been rubbered in by regular racing.

But when the term is used for Petit Bot hill it is because the road surface actually is green! This is caused as the damp tree-lined valley receives little direct sun and a layer of fine moss covers much of the road.

The thing about the Petit Bot Hillclimb is that sometimes it turns out to be a seasons highlight.

But then sometimes it is a bit of a damp flannel (maybe an oily rag would be a better motorsport term)?

2016 was one of the non-vintage years. The event suffered from many delays which were only dampened further by a few showers that lasted just long enough to be uncomfortable.

Now I should also add to these comments that I haven't gone soft. Delays and getting wet are all part of sport photography. I've enough stamina left to handle a bit of that :-)

What really finished off a rather flat day for me was that after spending an extended time on my Petit Bot picture edit (longer than usual due to the low and varied lighting) I somehow managed to loose the full two hours work by pressing the wrong button in Lightroom!!

When this happens at 1am in the morning you know you've had a bad day which just got badder :-(

So the edit had to be done again... this time making sure to be more careful which buttons I pressed!

The jobs now re-done and the pics are online: