Petit Bot in the rain.... it's not picture postcard material!

07th October 2012

The 2012 Hill Climb season ended on a rather grey day.... it was pretty miserable!

This is not a comment that would apply to the standard of racing, however.

It was clear right from the start that we were in for a full day of the wet stuff and quite a number of drivers and riders never made it to the start line. Perhaps this was a little disappointing, but who can blame them. Petit Bot hill is very tight in places, suprisingly fast and even in a good (dry) year never offers the best grip due to its setting in a tree-lined and damp valley.

The positive of having a smaller field of competitors was that things ran through very fast and smoothly and the predicted (OK, I was wrong!) continual stopping the retrieve cars out of banks never really happened! Those who made the effort enjoyed a day of fun and speed that will have to keep them going until next year :-)

Spending a day standing in the rain taking pictures is not really my ideal 'day job' but occasionally you get the reward of some special pics. The reflections on the wet road surface and the addition of the spray adds a bit of drama. Trying to keep very expensive cameras and lenses dry(ish) is a real pain in the whatsit. My lenses were continually fogged up and I gave up on the 70-200mm when even the inside of the filter fogged over! Modern professional equipment is made to superb standards but there is always the worry that the water will do damage and the kit will fail you on an important job.

However, a few hours later - after a quick dry-out and check-over - the cameras were back on duty with me in another sweaty environment. This time it was for the Album launch party of Tantale's new recording. The cameras didn't skip a beat, phew! Thanks to the guys for my copy of the CD. I've already played it a few times and can recommend you find a copy. Pics of the Tantale gig will follow shortly.

In the meantime the Petit Bot pics are now online: