Petit Bot is beautiful in the sun....

05th October 2015

Everyone must know the the name of the famous French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Renoir spent time in and enjoyed our beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey and painted the pretty beach situated below the southern cliffs of Guernsey named Petit Bot.

Indeed Petit Bot bay is a wonderful place to be... and I have Renoir on my side when I state this.

Renoir's paintings of Petit Bot will stand the test of time and promote this lovely corner of our small isle to many people for decades to come.

I'm guessing that my own contribution to the Petit Bot area won't remain as quite such an important 'work of art'... but I have done my (little) bit too!

In my case it is a photographic record of the place. Or maybe I should add that it is a photographic record of the Motorsport of the place!

Whatever the distinction, I've added to the history of Petit Bot by making a record of the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club's annual Hillclimbs.

My pics are now on-line... hopefully they add another small chapter to the story of this historic bay nestling below the Guernsey cliffs :-)

My pics can now be viewed online: