Petit Bot Trials, a strange mix of Mud and Sun!

18th February 2013

The GMC&CC Trials at the weekend where held on sections based around one of Guernsey's prettiest coastal valleys, Petit Bot.
With the sun shining and a few early spring flowers brightening the hedgerows the afternoon was very inviting.

The Trials riders were out in force to enjoy a few hours of their favourite motorsport - but they had to deal with the result of the previous weeks of frequent rainfall... read MUD!

It is remarkable to see the riders negotiate muddy slopes on their bikes when it is almost impossible to find any grip when climbing on foot. It is also clear from watching the competitors that a confident and committed approach to each obstacle is the only successful way to clear a section.
As always, the Experts made it look soooo easy!

I returned home with minimal soiling from the abundant mud and with a few good pics... I'll call that a job well done.

Pictures are now online: