Phoenix Roller Skating Competition pics now online....

19th July 2017

I recently photographed the Phoenix Artistic Roller Skating Club's 2017 Competition at Beau Sejour.

This was my first time photographing Roller Skating and I left the event with a feeling of admiration for the talent of so many youngsters who had clearly devoted a lot of time into perfecting their performances.

This sport is quite challenging to photograph. It is fast moving with quick changes of direction. The venue (Beau Sejour sports hall) offers no help in adding interest to the background and the hall lighting is poor and has a habit of changing colour between shots!

You might think that all those difficulties would mean I would hate the job. But no, it was quite the opposite.

I'm always looking for a new challenge and I hope I captured some of the highlights of each performance and I hope I have the opportunity to photograph this competition again sometime.

I've added a Gallery featuring some of the competition. The Gallery is password protected. Please contact me here SEND AN E-MAIL TO ASK FOR THE PASSWORD and I will give you the Password.

The Gallery can be viewed here: