Pics of a very wet Petit Bot Hillclimb....

04th October 2014

It was only 'hard-core' racers who turned out for the very wet Petit Bot Hillclimb..... the same can be said about the photographers :-)

The last hillclimb of the season has a habit of testing our endurance, but it is always rewarding if you stick it out. This year's heavy rain at the start of the day eventually moved off and by the last runs the road was dry.

I still had a few damp spots though :-(

There is nothing pleasant about standing around in the rain trying to keep yourself and your kit dry. But I have found (having done this many times) that there is a pay-off. This comes from having the chance to capture a different dynamic element in your pictures.

It's also true that I only get to properly assess the days work when I return to the office as it is impossible to see the camera's screen whilst is is covered in the steamed-up wet weather kit.

I've now completed the edit and I'm pleased to say that there are a few keepers! The pics of the days racing are now on-line: