Pics of the Guernsey 2-Day Moto-X meeting, man was it dusty!

01st October 2011

It took a long soak to even begin to remove the layers of dust that I took home from the re-designed Motocross track at Pleinmont, Guernsey today!
It was incredible weather and the extra warm and dry conditions meant that it was impossible to keep away from the massive dust clouds that engulfed the track.
Of course, my chosen place is as close to the action as possible and I was completely 'filled in' a couple of times... but it was worth it, I hope.
The re-design has meant that all my old 'favourite' positions have disappeared so a lot of the day was spent scouting out the new opportunities. Time will tell just how good the new vantage points will be. My first impression is that photographing great action pics has become a bit more difficult.
I guess that means I will have to try a bit harder!
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