Punches with your pudding.....

21st March 2016

It's a successful partnership..... punches and puddings!

The Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club held their third evening of Bouts in the 2015/2016 season at St Pierre Park Hotel last Friday.

I popped along to capture all the action, and there was no shortage of that!

The evening's Bouts seemed to fly by. I'm always amazed how quick three hours can pass! This happens because of the very slick organization of the fights. There's barely five minutes between each fight.

This evening was a competition between a Guernsey Select v Home Counties. Every fight was quite evenly matched with a good number of Guernsey wins.

However I think praise and support should be offered to every boxer, winner or looser. They all fought bravely and entertained the (by the time fighting started) well fed audience.

My pics of every Bout are now online. Follow this link to view the pics: