Quality all the way.... but have I let Guernsey down?

13th July 2015

I'm a Guernseyman... and proud of that.

My small Island holds a very special place in my families heart.

And, of course, I know that when it comes to the question of whether Guernsey is better than Jersey.... well do you really need to ask?!!

But I have a bit of a problem.

Last weekend I was at The Fermain Tavern photographing two brilliant bands - one from Guernsey, one from Jersey. I suppose there was bound to be comparison made between the two bands although their music genre's were not really comparable.

First band on the bill were FalenhizzaHorsepower from Jersey. Now this is a band that I have liked and followed for years... from 2008 it seems when I checked my earliest picture in the gallery.

FalenhizzaHorsepower played an incredible set... I mean absolutely amazing. I REALLY love their music!

So the next act, Guernsey's BLAKALASKA had a VERY hard act to follow.

I've loved what BLAKALASKA have been doing since I first 'found' them as BRIGHT_LIGHTS. They have a really modern sound and I've enjoyed their live performances.

However this time around... it hurts me to say this as a Guernseyman, I think it was the Jersey band who stole the show with one of the best live sets I've ever heard... yes they were that good.

It's a shame that on that night BLAKALASKA had to follow such a class band who are at the top of their game. I purchased BLACKALASKA's new 'Machine' EP and I've been playing it 'on repeat' for a couple of days and it highlights how good BLAKALASKA really are.

Maybe we all respond to music based on the 'mood' that we are in at the time and maybe, on another night, I would do the 'right thing' and favour the Guernsey band?

The bottom line is... both bands deserve our support so make sure you catch a gig from either band if you have a chance... they're both quality acts.

I've added pics of both bands to the Gallery: