Quality time on the beach....

11th July 2015

It's what Summer-time was made for... the beach :-)

Every Guernseyman knows that we have amazing beaches over here. The best of them have white sand and clean water... and when the sun shines the sea takes on beautiful blue and green colours. Awesome.

However, now-days, when I find myself on one of our lovely beaches the peace is spoilt by the revving of engines! It's race-time.

But today was a very pleasant change. I received a late call from Peter Frankland, the Picture Editor at the Guernsey Press, saying that he was held up on another photoshoot and could I step in to photograph the Guernsey Surf Club's inaugural Junior Surf Series. Of course I can!

So my morning didn't go to the original plan but I enjoyed a couple of hours taking pics of the Swoffers and Yak Wax supported Junior Surf competition. I loved it.

I was impressed by how good the young surfers were and they made capturing the action very easy. I have a fancy that I will be back on the beach at Vazon again soon... without the revving engines!

I've added a Gallery featuring the Surf action: