Race-2 of the 2012 Power Boat Championship.....

13th May 2012

I must thank the Guernsey Power Boat Association and specifically Robin Ashworth, MD of Vapormatt, who allowed me to photograph from his boat during Race-2 of the 2012 Championship. It was very pleasant out on the Little Russell today.
This race was held in conditions that I can only call 'glorious'! Maybe I have been waiting for a day like this for too long (after all that rain) and the perception was exagegerated? I don't think so!

I did managed to remember that I was on the water to do a job and not to just 'chill out' and I made my cameras earn their keep ;-)
Shooting from an unstable platform, even in good conditions like this, is one of the hardest challenges for a photographer when using long lenses. I was using between 400mm and 600mm most of the time. But there is a sense of satisfaction when you get a few shots that record the best of the action that are pin sharp in focus and well composed.
I think I captured a few. Please take a look and see what you think: