Race 6 of the Power Boat Championship....

27th July 2012

The Guernsey Power Boat Association held Race-6 of their 2012 Championship last weekend. This is the first race I have covered since Race-2.
I missed a couple due to the weather.... I did try, but was only rewarded by getting soaked whilst bobbing about in a small rib whilst waiting for a race start - which was then cancelled!
Then Race-5 conflicted with the Guernsey Rounds of the MSA National Hill Climb Championship.
But, if you stick with something, you should get the rewards - eventually!
So I had no conscience when last Sunday morning was gloriously hot and sunny and I was offered a ride out unto the Little Russel to photograph Race-6.

Once again there was a good entry for this race. I have also heard strong rumours about a few more boats coming to the line in the future.
The mornings work is now online. I'm reasonably pleased with the pictures. However, whilst very grateful for the offer of a boat to shoot from, sometimes it can compromise the photography. My transport was a race control/marshal so had responsibilities for safety as a priority of course. This restricted our options to move.
I think I will have to buy my own boat so I can position the direction of shooting.... and of course you can never be close enough! I had better have a word with the accountant, me thinks :)
Power Boat pics can be viewed here: