Records are there to be broken... and they dropped like Autumn leaves

28th August 2012

We all turned up at the bottom of Le Val des Terres with a weather forecast predicting rain. 'Not another wet one' was the pessimistic talk in the pits!

How wrong we all were. Whilst it was never blazingly hot, the track conditions must have been pretty good as the records dropped like the proverbial Autumn leaves. I think 10 new marks were set!

FTD went to Darren Warwick (just!) as he was pushed hard by James Shorto who pushed a little too hard on his last run... but the competition is so tight at the top they you won't be fast enough unless you are racing at the limits.

New record breakers were Tia Harvey, Matt Corson, Scott Rayson, Tim Le Pelley (for a few seconds before being retaken by Ben Batiste!), Tim Torode, Dale Crowsley, Steve Marquis and John Dunne.

There is one new record holder who needs special mention. Chris Guy lowered one of the longest standing records in the Racing Cars up to 600cc Class. The old record was held by Nick Saunders who is not known for being slow!

I am going to claim a vested interest in Chris's result as I have supplied a few close-up pics of the suspension working hard whilst cornering - this helps with perfecting the set-up. There can be no doubt that I can share the new record (not taking anything away from Chris's driving of course).
OK, lets just call it teamwork ;-)'
Long may this record stand!
Pictures are now online: