This Gallery features a few of the Rescue Teams, Marshalls & Officials that give up their time to support all those people who like to compete in the many forms of Motor Sport.

Remember, without these 'guys 'n gals' supporting events nobody goes Motor Racing!

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Marshall training_2014-1
Marshall training_2014-2
Marshall training_2014-3
Marshall training_2014-4
Marshall training_2014-5
Marshall training_2014-6
Marshall training_2014-7
Marshall training_2014-8
Marshall training_2014-9
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-7
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-8
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-12
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-14
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-19
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-21
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-39
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-40
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-41
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-44
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-46
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-47
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-49
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-51
Sarnia Rescue_Training_09-03-2013_Pic-56
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