Reservoir updates.... the story continues

17th June 2013

I can't remember any previous local Motorsport event having such a strong reaction, and it all seems to be positive!

The Guernsey Kart & Motor Club Reservoir Speed Event attracted a small amount of negative comments before the first runs last Saturday. I had heard some question safety due to anticipated high speeds. There were also questions about the lack of space for the pits.

In fact I was amazed when I arrived at the St Saviours event and walked down the hill past what seemed a never ending line of racing machinery. How on earth was this race meeting ever going to run through smoothly?

But things ran at a fantastic pace. The extensive planning allowed the competitors to all have their practice run and four timed runs resulting in a lot of happy chappies ;-)

The course also seemed to be fairly forgiving of the occasional mistakes and damage was limited to racers ego's and machinery... apart from Leigh Digard who now knows that he bounces quite well!

It was a relief when we had a visit from Leigh on Sunday at the Twisty Sprint after he was kicked out of hospital. I think he even fancied his chances on a bike... no-one would lend him one. I wonder why?

I have now finished the picture gallery for the Reservoir Speed Event which now features the Bikers and Karts.
Be warned, it's a big one: