Rock of Ages-16...... Rocks

15th April 2012

Mark Guillou needs congratulations - and your support - for his epic Rock of Ages series of gigs. Although 'gigs' doesn't really do justice to these events. They always feature multiple bands with great sound and lighting.
Rock of Ages-16 has just taken place and Mark stayed true to form with his support for the younger bands. I only managed to attend the Saturday night of the 'double-header' but was pleased to see The Doomsday Project kick-off the proceedings. I think they were the youngest band yet but show great potential.
Added to the mix was a great UK based band. This was Evarane and they produced a performance that was a 'masterclass' in live performance for the younger bands.
Full of energy and movement Evarane showed how to take performance to a higher level. The band received the appreciation and support from a satisfied audience.
As a photographer I will always capture stronger images when a performer understands there should be more to their performance than just presenting their tunes. Evarane delivered.
Editing and optimising gig photography is a very time consuming pastime. Whilst the stunning lighting and colours offer the potential for strong, powerful pictures, this also means that many of the images need fine tuning to make the best of this. So far I have completed the shots of Everane and these have been added to a new Rock of Ages-16 picture Gallery. Other bands will follow....