Rock of Ages goes unplugged for No. 15...

12th February 2012

Rock of Ages-15 introduced a new format with a Friday night devoted to 'unplugged' performances.
It was a 'step into the unknown' for Mark Guillou but the line-up worked really well. The whole thing was relaxed and laid back with plenty of friendly banter.
I'm sure Andy Duchemin could make a career as a stand-up comic if he tire's of the music! He certainly handled the hecklers better than Bill Connolly did ;-)
Once again Mark showcased a number of Guernsey's young musical talent - something this small Island seems to have in 'speakers full'!
Appearing on stage for the first (of many, I guess) unplugged Rock of Ages were Silas the Assassin aka. Andy Duchemin, Peter Mitchell, The Phantom Cosmonaut aka. Tom Girard, Key of G aka. Mark Smith-Jones, Elliott Crossan, Jack Heywood and From Bedrooms to Backseats.
Check-out a few pics here: