Rock of Ages hits number 12...

01st November 2011

In fact Mark Guillou's Rock of Ages has now reached number 13! This is quite an achievment and I have lost count of how many Bands that have been given the opportunity to play at one of these events.
Mark puts on a great show. He has invested in a lot of kit - both lighting and sound - and the shows have set the standard for local live performances.
It is also a fact that Mark has encouraged and given many new, young Bands their first taste of a 'big stage'.
I have photographed each Rock of Ages up to number 12 - I had other commitments for number 13 - and I have just updated the Galleries.
If you want to take a look at a few pics from this popular event featuring Beef, Teaspoonriverneck and Whitechapel Murders click on this link: