Rolls for lunch on the beach at Chouet....

30th September 2012

You can almost be certain that rolls will be on the menu when the Banger Racing serves up its entertainment on Chouet beach!

When the meeting is timed to start at midday (think lunchtime) it was just a case of waiting for the action :-) I managed to miss the first roll which happened whilst I was facing in the opposite direction. The resulting scene suggested that in this case Goliath had the upper hand over David. A little Peugeot should never mess with the might of a Volvo estate! HOW GOLIATH GOT HIS OWN BACK ON DAVID

My luck, however, was better for the biggest roll of the day. Having earned a place in the Race of Firsts it all went wrong for Billy Le Page when he rolled his car whilst pushing hard through the chicane. He seemed to have successfully negotiated the bend when his car suddenly launched itself. I managed to capture a sequence of shots but as I was using a telephoto lens at the time the results are a bit tightly cropped.

I didn't think Billy would do it again for me so I could make a better job of the pics..... so I didn't ask :-)

A new Gallery of Autocross pics is now online: