Sandracing with style....

04th August 2015

I had a brief chat with Clint Blondel between bouts at the Open Air Boxing.

We had both had a bit of rush to get down to The Track in time for the early start of the fighting.

This was due to the fact that we'd both just left Vazon beach after the latest round of the Sandracing Championship.

However I was the lucky one as after a quick wipe of my cameras and lenses I was ready to rumble :-)

Clint, on the other hand, had to transport his Sidecar outfit and his Grasstrack car back home... and then give them a clean.

But he made it to ringside in time to see all the action.

I complimented Clint and Ross Young on their improving 'style' riding the Sidecar. They really are looking like they are ready to 'mix it' with the big names. The team have just been over to the mainland to race a couple of Grasstrack meetings and the extra track-time really shows! Well done guys.

Saturday saw three sidecar outfits on the beach. They are fast and exciting to watch. We must hope that a few more will take part in the 2016 season.

I've added a new Gallery of pics here: