Sarnia Rescue prepare for the unexpected...

12th March 2013

Guernsey Motorsport competitors (and their partners at home) can be reassured that the local rescue unit has been putting in the hours to prepare for the new seasons Hill Climbs and Sprints.

Sarnia Rescue have just completed a well organised and realistic practice of their skills whilst giving Paul Le Pelley's once immaculate red and white Mini a last 'swan-song'.

Paul was kind enough to donate the Mini after he wrote it off at last years GK&MC Alderney Sprint. Thankfully Tim was OK after this big crash - but the Mini faired less well.

The donation of the Mini body to Sarnia Rescue offered the chance to practice the safe removal of an injured driver from a proper racing car... one that was fitted with full race seat, harness and roll cage.

Steve Marquis called on his previous experience as an airport fireman to set up a very authentic exercise that included an engine fire and a Marshal who had collapsed whilst running to the incident.

I was on the scene to 'get in the way' whilst photographing the team. I also captured a video from an overhead camera so the crew could analyse the whole procedure in a de-brief.

I have to say that I was very impressed by the professional performance of Sarnia Rescue. The extrication of the driver was very challenging and required great team work and the use of several bits of specialist kit.
It should be reassuring to all racers that this well trained unit and their rescue equipment are just seconds away from any type of incident you might have.

Remember to say a thank-you to the guys and gals next time you see them attending a race meeting. Whilst you have been re-building your kit through the winter months they have been putting in the hours fine tuning their rescue skills... oh, and remember that none of you can race without Marshals and Medics attending every meeting.

I have added a small selection of pics to the Marshals Gallery if you want to see how useful Tims old Mini was and what a fitting 'Motor Sport end' came to a once stunning race car: