School days aren't like I remember...

26th May 2018

I enjoyed a fun evening at St Pierre Park Hotel before I had to leave to photograph another event.

This first assignment was one of those that just seemed to fall into place... why can't they all be like that?

I was at St Pierre Park Hotel to photograph a few of the early arrivals for the Guernsey Grammar School Proms.

Now, I'll let you into a secret. I'm a former Grammar School student. However when I went to the school it was very different. Firstly there were no girls! Secondly the idea of having an end of term Proms hadn't been invented yet! Times have changed!

But back to my first comment. This was such an easy assignment to photograph... helped by the fact that the students were excited by the completion of their school time and their party mood had kicked in.

Ultimately I have to accept that the world is so different than the one I grew up in. But thankfully one thing remains unchanged. The youth of every decade always look forward with optimism, energy, excitement and freedom. This generation isn't so different after all.

But how I envy them ;-)

My pics are now online here: