SHOCK, HORROR... Maybe the 'Good old days' really were better?

09th February 2013


Maybe the 'Good old days' really were the best?

This week has been a great one for music lovers. Danny Baker has been on TV talking about iconic Albums, the format, the all-time greats and the influence they have had on society as a whole.
Each of the episodes featured a small but knowledgable panel who explored many classic recordings.
I'm pleased to say that I own quite a few of these:-)
I am dusting them off as I write and I intend to get to know a few favourites again....

Of course it was inevitable that the featured Albums were mostly produced years and even decades ago. So I asked myself the obvious question... were the old days really better?

I thought that the answer was obvious and without doubt... of course they were!

On Friday night I had my thoughts confirmed whilst at the Dog House watching Elysium perform two brilliant sets featuring many classics and a few less well known songs by one of the Bands on the 'Greats' list in Danny Bakers series. The Band was Pink Floyd.

I can still remember hearing 'Dark Side of the Moon' for the first time. It was at Birnam Court Hotel and the Album was being played (loud) by Ponders End (a great band) between sets. I was with my current wife (of approx 40 years) so you can guess how long ago this was! Surely it couldn't get any better than that?

Hearing Elysium play those great songs (incredibly well by the way) just proved that the old days would never be bettered.

So there it is. Sorted. Or so I thought!

But by the following day I was in a little doubt. This time I was at the Fermain Tavern for an eight hour musical marathon. There was a great vibe, one that can only be generated by live music. The gig-goers were mostly much younger than me - as always - and of course they were all living their own personal 'best times', now!
So maybe it is impossible to 'record' the one and only perfect moment? Maybe life is meant to be lived for this moment? And if music can be a part of it the world is a better place.

..... reading the above, maybe I should've been a hippy, ha,ha ;-)

In case you are wondering. The special moment I would like to bottle from Saturday night would have to be the set by Bright_Lights. A new local band featuring an electronic drum kit, sequencing and digital sounds. New sounds for tomorrows classics.... I LOVE now....
More about Bright_Lights in my next post...
Pics of Elysium are now online: